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Nancy's picks for the best picture books of Spring / Summer 2010. Compiled by Nancy Polette 2010.

Last updated: Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ashburn, Boni. OVER AT THE CASTLE. Illustrated by Kelly Murphy. Abrams, 2010.
Grades 1-3 A delightful counting book that introduces all of the workers in a castle watched over by two eager dragons.
French, Jackie. DIARY OF A BABY WOMBAT . Illustrated by Bruce Whatley, Clarion Books 2010. Grades K-2
Baby Wombat eats and sleeps and has adventures while its mother sleeps.
Karas, Brian. YOUNG ZEUS . Scholastic, 2010. Grades 2-4
A retelling of the myth of Zeus about a young, small hero.
Galbraith, Kathryn. ARBOR DAY SQUARE . Illustrated by Cyd Moore. Peachtree, 2010. Grades K-3
Katie and Papa find a way to bring trees to the prairie.
Geisert, Arthur. COUNTRY ROAD ABC . Houghton Mifflin, 2010.
An illustrated journey through America’s farmland.
Heide, Florence Parry Dillweed’s Revenge . Illustrated by Carson Ellis. Harcourt, 2010. Grades 4-6
A very off beat picture book...a tale of revenge and empowerment.
Heide, Forece Parry. ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER . Illustrated by Kyle Stone.Hyperion, 2010. Grades K-3
Always listening to your mother depends on who the mother is! A “tongue-in-cheek” introduction to mother/child relationships.
Kerby, Johanna. LITTLE PINK PUP . Putnam, 2010. Grades PreK-2
When Pink’s siblings pushed him out of the way, the little pig found a mother dog who welcomed him.
Kirk, Daniel.LIBRARY MOUSE A WORLD TO EXPLORE . Abrams, 2010. Grades K-2
Sam and Sarah, library mice, explore the library. Sam must overcome hiss fear of heights.
Klise, Kate.LITTLE RABBIT AND THE MEANEST MOTHER ON EARTH . Illustrated by Sarah Klise. Harcourt, 2010. Grades K-3
Little Rabbit plans to feature his mother in a circus act as the meanest mother on earth.
Long, Sylvia, Illustrator. THUMBELINA . Chronicle Books, 2010. Grades 2-4.
Hans Christian Anderson’s tale of the adventures of a thumb-size girl.
Lyon, George Ella. THE PIRATE OF KINDERGARTEN . Illustrated by Lynne Avril. Atheneum, 2010. Grades K-3
Seeing double is no fun until Ginny wears a patch on her eye!
MacHale, D. J. THE MONSTER PRINCESS . Illustrated by Alexandra Boiger. Grades K-3
The monster princess wishes to be special and discovers that she is in a most unusual way.
O’Malley, Kevin. ANIMAL CRACKERS FLY THE COOP . Walker, 2010. Grades 2-4
Filled with puns here is a parody of the Bremen Town Musicians where hen, dog, cat and cow decide to open a comedy club.
Pelley, Kathleen. MAGNUS MAXIMUS A MARVELOUS MEASURER . Illus by S.D. Schindler. Farrar, 2010. Grades 3-5
Magnus meAsures everything in the town until he breaks his glasses. What will he do now?
Rosenthal, Betsy. WHICH SHOES WOULD YOU CHOOSE ? Illustrated by Nancy Cote. Putnam’s 2010. Grades Pre K-2
Sherman goes through many shoe changes deepensing on his activity.
Wheeler, Lisa. UGLY PIE . Illustrated by Heather Solomon. Harcourt, 2010. Grades K-2.
Bear wants to make an ugly pie so he gathers wrinkled raisins, sour green apples and bumpy brown walnuts, but the end result is anything but ugly.
Winter, Jeanette. BIBLIOBURRO . Beach Lane Books, 2010. Grades K-3
Juan Luis and his burro travel to the rural villages of Colombia to bring books to children.
Wilson, Karma, THE COW LOVES COOKIES . Illustrated by Marcellus Hall. McEldeerry Books, 2010. Grades K-3
Each farm animal has its own special food but the cow loves cookies!
Underwood, Deborah. GRANNY GOMEZAND JIIGSAW . HYPERION, 2010 Grades K-3
What will Granny do whernher beloved baby pig grows too big for her house?
Underwood, Deborah. THE QUIET BOOK Illustrated by Renata Liwska. Houghton-Mifflin, 2010. Grades PreK-2
How many kinds of quiet can you name?
Weiss, Ellen. THE TAMING OF LOLA: A SHREW STORY . Illustrated by Jerry Smath. Abrams, 2010. Grades K-2
Lola who has fits to get what she wants meets her match when her cousin comes to visit..he is even more stubborn and badly behaved than she is.