2011-2012 Winter Non Fiction Books


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Nancy's picks for the best non-fiction of Winter 2011-2012. Compiled by Nancy Polette © 2012.
Anderson, Jodi Lynn. AMERICAPEDIA. Walker, 2011. Grades 5-9
Understanding how America works and how to get involved as a citizen.
Aronson, Marc. TRAPPED. Atheneum, 2011 Grades 5-9
How the world rescued 33 miners from 2000 feet below the Chilean desert.
Aston, Dianna. DREAM SOMETHING BIG. Illustrated by Susan Roth. Dial, 2011.
The true story of the building of towers to bring beauty to the depressed section of Watts in Los Angeles by a single man.
Blumenthal, Karen. MR. SAM. Viking, 2011. Grades 4-6
The life story of Sam Walton founder of Walmart stores.
Borgenicht, David et. al. SURVIVE-O-PEDIA. Chronicle, 2011/ Grades 4-8
Be prepared for a wild ride through mudslides, volcanoes, shark-infested oceans and menacing mountains but you will have all you need to get out of any situation alive.
Brown, Don. AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK. Roaring Brook Press, 2011. Grades 3-6
An illustrated account of Sept. 11 th disaster.
Corley, Shana. HERE COME THE GIRL SCOUTS. Illustrated by Hadley Cooper. Scholastic, 2012.
An illustrated version of the life of Juliette Gordon Low and the beginning of the Girl Scouts.
Cyrus, Kurt. THE VOYAGE OF TURTLE REX. Harcourt, 2011. Grades 2-4
Follow a tiny sea turtle through the dangers of the deep until it, at last, becomes a very large turtle. Great for story time with large illustrations.
Gourrley, Robin. FIRST GARDEN. Clarion , 2011. Grades 1-4
The story of the White House garden and how it grew.
Griffin, Molly Beeth. LOON BABY. Illustrated by Anne Hunter. Houghton-Mifflin, 2011. Grades PreK-2
A charming read-aloud as loon baby waits and waits wondering if his mother, who is off finding food, will ever return.
Hulbert, Laura. WHO HAS THESE FEET? Illustrated by Erik Brooks. Henry Holt, 2011. Grades PreK-1
Can you match an animal’s feet with the animal? Find out why the feet of eight different animals are perfectly adapted to their habitat.
Hutchinson, Mark. REPTILES. Simon & Schuster, 2011. Grades 4-9
The colorful world of reptiles brought to life with up to date information and 3-D illustrations.
Kerley, Barbara. THOSE REBELS, JOHN & TOM. Illustrated by Edwin Fotheringham. Scholastic, 2012 Grades 3-6
John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were very different men but both cared deeply about America and worked to make the new nation a reality. Delightfully illustrated.
Krull, Kathleen. THE LIVES OF THE PRESIDENTS. Illustrated by Kathryn Hewitt. Harcourt, 2011. Grades 3-6
An updated fun to read version including George W. Bush and Obama.
Kay, Verla HORNBOOKS AND INKWELLS. Illustrated by S.D. Schindler. Putnam, 2011,
Life in an 18th century schoolhouse told in rollicking verse.
Markle, Sandra. RACE THE WILD WIND. Illustrated by Layne Johnson. Walker, 2011. Grades 3-6
A story of the Sable Island horses.
Messner, Kate. OVER AND UNDER THE SNOW Illustrated by Christopher Neal. Chronicle Books, 2011. Grades PreK-2
Explore the world of creatures who in winter live under the snow.
Moses, Will. MARY AND HER LITTLE LAMB. Philomel, 2011. Grades 3-6
The origin of the famous poem illustrated by the son of Anna Mary Moses.
Murphy, Claire. MARCHING WITH AUNT SUSAN. Illustrated by Stacey Schuett. Peachtree, 2011.Grades 2-4
Bessie learns about the restricted rights of women when Susan B. Anthony comes to town and learns that small efforts can result in big changes.
Rothstein, Barry. EYE POPPING 3D BUGS. Chronicle Books, 2011. Grades 2-4
A book of phantogram insects that jump right off the page!
Uhlbeg, Myraon. A TORM CALLED KATRINA. Illustrated by Colin Bootman. Peachtree, 2011. Grades 2-4
A dramatic, beautifully illustrated account of a boy and his family in the aftermath of Katrina.
Van Allsburg, Chris. QUEEN OF THE FALLS. Houghton-Mifflin, 2011. Grades 3-7
The true account of sixty-two year old Annie Edson Taylor who at age 62 went over Niagara Falls in a barrel and lived to tell her story. Beautifully told and illustrated. An outstanding book!