2010-2011 Winter Non Fiction Books


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Nancy's picks for the best non-fiction of Winter 2010-2011. Compiled by Nancy Polette © 2011.
Beccia, Carlyn. I FEEL BETTER WITH A FROG IN MY THROAT. Houghton-Mifflin, 2010. Grades 3-6.
Beautifully illustrated by the author are historyís strangest cures for most anything that ails you.

Bristow, David. SKY SAILORS. Farrar, 2010. Grades 5-8
True stories of the balloon era.

Brown, Don, ALL STATIONS! DISTRESS! Roaring Brook Press, 2010. Grades 3-5
The day the Titanic sank.

Brown, Tami. SOAR, ELEANOR. Illustrated by Francois Roca. Scholastic, 2010. Grades 3-6
True story of the youngest licensed U.S. pilot.

Demarest, Chris. ARLINGTON. Roaring Brook Press, 2010. Grades 3-6
The history of the nationís cemetery.

French, Jackie. DIARY OF A BABY WOMBAT. Illustrated by Bruce Whatley. Clarion Books, 2010. Grades Pre K-2
A baby wombat tells of sleeping, digging, eating, scratching and more adventures in the outside world while Mum is napping.

Goldstone, Bruce. 100 WAYS TO CELEBRATE 100 DAYS. Holt, 2010. Grades K-3
100 ideas for celebrating the 100th day of school.

Griffin, Kitty. THE RIDE. Illustrated by Marjorie Priceman. Scholastic, 2010.
True tale of a Colonial heroine who made a famous ride.

Freedman, Russell. LAFAYETTE AND THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Holiday House, 2010. Grades 4-7
The role of a wealthy young Frenchman in the American Revolution.

Krull, Kathleen, KUBLA KHAN, HE EMPEROR OF EVERYTHING. Illustrated by Robert Byrd. Viking, 2010. Grades 3-6
The life of the Chinese emperor who ruled in the 13th century, lavishly illustrated.

Maltbie, P. I. CLAUDE MONET, THE PAINTER WHO STOPPED THE TRAINS. Illustrated by Jos. A. Smith. Abrams, 2010. Grades 3-6
The true story of how Monetís paintings were finally accepted by the critics when his subject became trains.

McCully, Emily. THE SECRET CAVE. Farrar, 2010. Grades 4-6
The true tale of four French boys who discovered more than 2000 paintings in a cave at Lascaus. The paintings were more than 17,000 years old.

Murphy, Jim. THE CROSSING. Scholastic, 2010. Grades 5-8
How George Washington saved the American Revolution.

Novesky, Amy, ME, FRIDA. Illustrated by David Diaz, Abrams, 2010. Grades 4-6
Frida Kahlo, the wife of Diego Rivera, wanted to become a well known artist in her own right and in exploring San Francisco finds the inspiration she needs.

Rappaport, Doreen. JACKíS PATH OF COURAGE. Illustrated by Matt Tavares. Disney/Hyperion, 2010. Grades 3-4
A picture biography of John Kennedy from childhood to the White House.

Silvey, Anita. HENRY KNOX, BOOKSELLER, SOLDIER, PATRIOT. Clarion Books, 2010. Grades 3-6.
The important but little known role that Henry Knox played in the Revolutionary War.

Turner, Glennette Tillley. FORT MOSE. Abrams, 2010. Grades 5-7
The story of the man who built the first free black settlement in Colonial America.

Van Rynbach, Iris and Pegi Shea. THE TAXING CASE OF THE COWS. Illustrated by Emily McCully. Clarion Books, 2010. Grades 2-4
A true account of the Smith sisters who, in 1869, refused to pay a tax on their farm since they were not allowed to vote. Short accounts of fourteen people who risked their lives for peace. The biography of Mary Lou Williams, jazz musician.