2011 Spring / Summer Non Fiction


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Nancy's picks for the best non-fiction of Spring / Summer 2011. Compiled by Nancy Polette © 2011.
Arnosky, Jim. AT THIS VERY MOMENT. Dutton, 2011. Grades 1-3
Imagine what animals are doing all around the globe..at his very moment! This is a must purchase!

Aston, Dianna. DREAM SOMETHING BIG THE STORY OF THE WATTS TOWERS. Illustrated by Susan Roth. Dial, 2011. Grades 1-3
For more than 30 years Sion Rodia transformed broken glass and pottery into towers that rose from his small plot of land to become a U.S. National Landmark.

Barton, Chris. CAN I SEE YOUR I.D.? Dial, 2011. Grades 4-8
True stories of people who has assumed false identities including high school drop out who passed himself off as a Navy Surgeon and many others.

Blumenthal, Karen. MR SAM. Viking, 2011. Grades 5-8
How Sam Walton built Wal-Mart and became America’s richest man.

Bulion, Leslie. AT THE SEA FLOOR CAFE. Illustrated by Leslie Evans. Peachtree, 2011. Grades 4-6
The answers to questions about unusual sea creatures introduced with poetry.

Burleigh, Robert. THE ADVENTURES OF MARK TWAIN BY HUCKLEBERRY FINN. Illustrated by Barry Blitt. Atheneum, 2011. Grades 2-4
A light hearted account of Mark Twain’s life and work.

Galbraith, Kathryn. PLANTING THE WILD GARDEN. Illustrated by Wendy Halperin. Peachtree, 2011. Grades 2-4
The ways that wind and water, birds and animals and people plant the wild garden.

Golio, Gary. WHEN BOB MET WOODY. Illustrated by Marc Burckhardt. Little Brown, 2011. Grades 3-6.
The story of the young Bob Dylan.

Jackson, Donna. WHAT’S SO FUNNY? Illustrated by Ted Stearn. Viking, Grades 4-7
Why our brains thing something is funny, what happens when we laugh, why you can tickle your friend but not yourself and much more.

Kalman, Maira. FIREBOAT. Putnam’s, 2011. Grades 2-4
The John. J. Harvey, a fireboat built in 1931 is retired in 1995 ready for the scrap heat. When the 911 attacks ion New York City took place the water pipes were damaged and firemen could not put out the fires until the John J. Harvey was brought back into action. This is an outstanding non fiction picture book.

McDonnell, Patrick. ME...JANE. Little Brown, 2011. Grades 3-6
A childhood portrait of Dr. Jane Goodall.

Moss, Marissa, NURSE, SOLDIER, SPY. Illustrated by John Hendrix. Abrams, 2011. Grades 4-6
The story of Sarah Edmonds who dressed up to become Frank Thompson and served as a loyal soldier for the Union forces in the Civil war.

Napoli, Donna Jo. THE CROSSING. Illustrated by Jim Madsen. Atheneum, 2011
Experience the Lewis & Clark Journey through the eyes of a small boy safe on Sacagawea’s back.